TYPE: Custom Web Application
CLIENT: Rush Oak Park Hospital

The Magnet Planner

The Magnet Planner was born as a brain-child of the Nursing Leadership team at Rush Oak Park Hospital to streamline and centralize their ANCC Magnet designation process. The Planner answers almost every hurdle a hospital has in producing, organizing and data-gathering for a Magnet Document submission — from staff-driven DDCT data-collection all the way to providing a Magnet-stuctured organizational tool called The Magnet Sandbox. The application also provides a seamless, nursing-focused Peer and Performance Evaluation tool. If your hospital is seeking Magnet designation, The Magnet Planner is the only tool on the market that will help your team organize and produce a Magnet submission.

Staff-Driven Data Collection

The Magnet Planner features a single login for each nurse or staffer working for the hospital. From staff nurses to unit directors, each person logs in and provides the difficult to obtain on a large scale data about their demographic profile such as highest education earned and ANCC certifications. This data is processed and turned into a reporting dashboard for the Magnet team and hospital leadership to use for DDCT reporting, Magnet narratives and sources.

Nursing-Focused Performance Evals

The Magnet Planner turns nursing performance evaluations towards nursing excellence and away from the basics that most human resources departments require. All job-specific components for each role throughout the hospital is loaded for the eval process — keeping nursing excellence at the top by featuring the hospital's Profession Practice Model throughout the evaluation process. Peer evaluation functionality is also included and each staffer can evaluate as many of their peers as needed. After the evaluation process is complete, the application bundles up a PDF and sends it off to the human resources department.

The Manager Dashboard

The manager dashboard gives each manager or unit director the ability to see how their staff is progressing through the evaluation process, track peer evals performed, view demographic profiles, set unit-specific goals and submit completed performance evaluations. From the dashboard, the manager sees each what each staffer's written about themselves and provides areas for the manager to rate and comment. The Magnet Planner is preloaded with house-wide strategic planning and goals, but from the dashboard each manager can set unit-specific goals and ratings for the upcoming year.

Magnet Document Planning

The sandbox area of the Planner is where the Magnet Document is built, written and organized over the four-year journey. The Magnet team can start possible narrative ideas, upload sources of evidence and files needed for the final document, enter participant lists or build references lists. The sandbox allows both regular Magnet entries as well as EO entries. Once the time comes to start writing for the Magnet Document, the team can go over all of the ideas that have been loaded throughout the journey and select which entry is best for the final submission.